About Us

About Us

We are a not-for-profit organisation whose work is based on promoting interculturality.

Cultural Planet: Voices of Childhood is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to learn about and showcase different places and cultural characteristics from around the world. The ultimate aim is to promote mutual understanding and to tear down the enormous barriers that breed ignorance and fear through the discovery of different ways of life and undoubtedly similar needs and wants.


These objectives will obviously not bring economic benefits. Nor do we claim otherwise.  We are content with our children, present and future, inheriting a slightly fairer and more caring world.

If just one person is able to identify with someone from a different country, with a different language, different food, different customs, different beliefs, different games, another world, etc., and recognise in them the same humanity, the same weakness, we will be satisfied. That would, in some way, represent the seed that would make it possible to transform and cure this sick world.

To achieve that, we will carry out activities and projects that seek that more plural and tolerant society.


Inscrita en el Registro Nacional de Asociaciones: Grupo: 1º / Seccion: 1º / Numero Nacional: 601506

This article has been translated into English within the PerMondo initiative.  PerMondo offers free translation of websites and documents for NGOs so they can spread their message. Coordinated and managed by the translation agency Mondo Agit. Voluntary translator: Kelly Wood

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