Our OBJECTIVE is to change, as far as possible, the stereotypes that make us suspicious of people with different ways of life and make them seem so distant and strange.

We believe that through knowledge we can come to understand each other, and that is, in part, our objective: familiarity through closeness, understanding through familiarity, acceptance through understanding and coexistence through acceptance.


We are indeed all equal, and at the same time, so different that the world is enormously rich. We make it poorer with borders, fences, rules and flags. But, by tearing down and going through those walls of suspicion and hatred that have been inculcated in us, we understand that meeting other human beings with different cultures, customs, creeds or skin colours will be a source of growth for each one of us.


Finally, in the modern world, our planet needs more than ever the joining together of all the human beings who inhabit it, because it is seriously afflicted by various injustices, inequalities, intolerance, multiple aggressions and a very widespread unease.  That’s why we have to join forces, look for what unites us, get as close to each other as possible and make this world a more humane and liveable place for future children.


Through all this, we aim to bring about a change in society, where we relate to each other in a more caring way.


 These are our ideas and our dreams.

This article has been translated into English within the PerMondo initiative.  PerMondo offers free translation of websites and documents for NGOs so they can spread their message. Coordinated and managed by the translation agency Mondo Agit. Voluntary translator: Kelly Wood

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