The project

The project

RECmondo is a project that was created to give children the tools to express themselves and to get to know each other.

RECmondo is our first project. We want to equip children, who we will meet throughout our journey around the world, with the necessary resources to make themselves heard and to recount their experiences, worries, happiness, dreams, plans or problems. These experiences will be shared with children from various countries so that they can get to know each other and create enduring friendships.


Through children’s voices, perhaps adults will be able to sense the hope that springs eternal in the young – the appeals, the demands, the ideas free of prejudice that can help to open our minds and allow us to see the world through children’s eyes, instead of pushing them into the background, where if adults speak, children are quiet. Let the children speak now and we adults will all be quiet!


The project will take place in several countries in Oceania, Asia and Europe in the following way:

1.- We will contact children and ask them to record their daily lives with a camera, without adult interference. Afterwards, we will interview them.

2.- Later, through their schools, we will put children in touch with each other via letters. They will write the letters at school, send them to us and we will send them on to children in other countries. We will act as mediators by initiating the conversation.


In all likelihood it will surprise us to discover that beyond superficial differences, in the end, we all seek and live for the same things.


Share our journey of meeting and understanding! A journey in which, for eighteen months, we will be the voice of those who are silenced: children. 


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This website translation into English has been possible thanks to the PerMondo initiative: Free translation of websites and documents for NGOs managed by the translation agency Mondo Agit. Translator: Kelly Wood 

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